Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism at Giman Free Beach Resort

We at Giman Free advocate the principles of sustainable tourism. It is the foundation for our concept and product.

Due to a 30 year long civil unrest, these areas have been neglected and the communities had suffered immensely. It the right time for us to share our thoughts, resources, knowledge, efforts and more importantly, valuable time to bring in much needed sustainable development.

  1. We make sure the benefits to the communities are maximized and the negative impact is minimized.
    • We give priority to the local community for employment
    • We procure items from the local village and household as much possible
    • We recruit female employees and promote their participation
    • We provide training & retraining
    • We share resources and sustainable reduction in poverty
  2. Promote cultural and local heritage and minimize negative impact.
    • We promote Cultural heritage, Historical and ancient Heritage in the Country and mainly in our own areas
    • Respect such and make sure there is no negative impact
    • Preserve cultural values and ancient practices
  3. Secure the Eco system and provide benefits and minimize negative impact.
  4. We effectively manage the above process with the help of key personalities in the Country
    • Efficient management of resources and equal distribution of resources
    •  Manage climate change
    • We conserve the natural Habitat
    • We converse the traditional Fishing Vedhdha community in our neighborhood
    • We converse and promote the underwater world of species and Marine Archeology
    • We converse Wildlife Habitats

We converse Turtles who are in danger of extinction in the East Coast, Dolphins, Whales, Elephants, Eagles and many more endangered pieces with the help of our Research facility, Eco System Research Facility

Eco System Research Institute

Our objective is to preserve our nature for our next generations!! We continuously monitor to do research in conserving endangered species in the in Northern and Eastern Coast.

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles are in Extinction in the Eastern Province, many years ago sea turtles were popular in areas of Vakerai, Salletheiv ,Kayankerni and Marnkerni areas but today due man made hindrances they are in extinction.

Sea Turtles are being hunted for meat by boatmen/fisherman as there is high demand from Batticaloa in particular, due to its high content of protein and free of toxic contents.

Our efforts to converse the endangered Sea Turtle is somewhat challenging due to threat of smugglers who are involved in the trade. Despite severe resistance we are keen to conservation and following actions will be taken on a consistence basis.

  • Educate villagers
  • Educate school teachers and staff
  • Get all parties to participate in this process
  • Get the law enforcement agencies support
  • Educate smugglers for alternative job opportunities
  • Provide alternative job opportunities
  • Initiate turtle hatcheries

Get Tourist to participate in this process there by promote conservation across boarders Attract local Tourists to promote conservation

Turtle hatchery is being conducted at Giman Free Beach Resort in Kayankerni and second such hatchery would be initiated in Vakerai where there animals used to lay eggs many years ago. This process will take long time to be fully implemented and requires significant amount of time and resources. Your kind donation towards this task would be much appreciated.